What is fiberglass?


May 2019

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass, known as glass fiber, is the name given to the material produced from very thin glass wires melted from molds. It is also known as fiber glass.
It is widely used in construction and automotive industry. Fiberglass word is also commonly used in the language of speech Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic causes some error. In fact, the composite material produced by reinforcing the fiberglass material with polyester or vinyl ester resins, RTM, BMC, SMC, roving, and infusion is called GRP glass reinforced plastic. This term is commonly abbreviated as fiberglass and is used.
Basically, fiberglass material is produced by melting and melting the melted glass from very very small holes. Because their heat conduction levels are low and their mechanical strength is high, many composite materials are produced by combining them with other chemicals and substances called glass fiber.
In order to make the explanations easier, glass fiber reinforced plastics, which are what we will refer to as fiberglass in this article, can be defined as a structural element which is more durable than steel and which attracts all attention with its aesthetic appearance. It is an extremely durable construction material and has been used much more in recent years. With the development of technology, fiberglass application techniques and application areas have also expanded. It is used effectively in the construction sector with its various features.

Fiberglass Features and Advantages

Due to their lightness, they are extremely convenient during application. Although it has a light structure and it is durable, it provides the opportunity to capture the quality in every area. Thanks to these two features, it provides comfort in the construction and use of a wide range of applications. It can be used easily in roof and outdoor areas and facade claddings. In contact with water and moisture it tolerates water and does not allow water to pass through.
It is used as wall cladding material because it is not affected by the outdoor conditions and it is resistant to wind, temperature and coldness. This material, which is applied by special techniques on the wall surface, preserves the structure of the wall for a long time. At the same time, different shapes and colors are applied in application areas with ease. Fiberglass, also called fiberglass, is highly resistant to tensile and stresses due to its flexible structure from the moment it is converted into a composite plastic material with resins. With its all features, it contributes to the strengthening of structures and to make them look more aesthetic.

Fiberglass Application Areas and Exports

It is aimed to maximize the quality of life of people in the construction sector. For this purpose, materials are selected with a very careful study during the architectural design and implementation phase of the construction. Fiberglass is one of the most preferred building materials in recent years.
Roof coverings are one of the most used architectural applications. Fiberglass is used as a very reliable insulation material and roof strengthener with its waterproof property. It is used as coating material on different surfaces.
In addition to this, the composites, which are called as fiberglass, are used as facade reinforcement on the wall surfaces and they enhance the aesthetic appearance of the architecture with the option of color. It is used to protect these surfaces on pipes, marine vehicles, wood and metal surfaces.
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