Custom Made Fiberglass Airsoft Mask

Below are few fiberglass airsoft masks we have in-stock.

Advantage Timer Biohazard Kamikaze MHD
  Multicam   All New Punisher   Punisher   Smiley
  SSC   Stealth   ST Mask   Templar
  Red X      


  • Made using high quality fiberglass material direct from our factory.
    Full face mask protection.
    Metal mesh goggle offer best protection and never fog up in the game.
    Durable and withstand high impact.
    Ballistic Protection: Approx. 600 FPS with 6mm 0.20g BB.
    Cushion padding inside for comfort wearing.
    Adjustable elastic strap.
    5 point elastic attachment system.
    One size fit all.
    Tactical stylish looking.
    Great for outdoor war game activities.
  • To order just copy the name of the Mask you want to purchased then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us. We accept Payment via LBC for local and Paypal for International Order.
We also do Custom Made Fiberglass Airsoft Mask, Your idea or design to your desire Mask.