Custom Made Fiberglass Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

  • Fiberwerx offer's custom made fiberglass swimming pool & jacuzzi, in any shape and sizes and the only limitation is your imaginations.
  • Although Swimming pools have been around since the beginning of time, it has only been within the last 60 years the swimming pool industry has taken a revolutionary turn.

    Of coarse starting out as nothing more than a hole in the ground then advancing to concrete brought about the demand for the clean swimming pool.

    Then came vinyl, Gunite and Fiberglass.

    The myth of concrete being the most permanent and best pool on the market it soon faded with the new alternatives !

    Now the mainstream belief is Gunite is the new concrete along with prestige people believe it has.

    In many ways Concrete and Gunite have an advantage, to the degree you can design any shape you would like!           

    Fact is if you want a pool the shape of a dog bone or the map of the Philippines we don't have it!

    Unfortunately that is the limit to the advantage of Concrete or Gunite.

    The advantage to Vinyl is: less cost ,quick install and any shape you would like.  Unfortunately you could be replacing liners as often as every 4 years and they tear easily and fade quickly.  Remember a vinyl liner pool is not more then a above ground pool in the ground.

    Now the advantages of Fiberglass:

      1. No need to refinish the surface every few years

      2. No bloody knees or elbows

      3. Easy clean surface

      4. Quick install

      5. Longest warranty in the industry

      6. Fiberglass being a insulator easier to heat and cool and comfortable to the touch

      7. More durable and flexible in questionable soils

      8. Able to remove and reuse should the need arise
    With as many sizes, shapes and colors we offer it is difficult to not find something just right for you.

    Also tile and coping selections are endless

    So when it comes down to it which pool type is the smart choice for today!